I am out of patience by about mid-afternoon every day. Some days, I’ve lost it by mid-morning and on one day thus far, I lost it less than half an hour after I woke up.

In my own defense, on that day, I had not had any coffee and was obliged to repeat myself ad nauseum for twenty minutes.

“We’re late. We have to go. Please put your shoes on.”

“Put your shoes on, please.”

“Do you have your shoes?”

“You’re ready! Great! But where are your shoes?”

“Your shoes are in the shoe bin; get them on your feet.”

“You still aren’t wearing shoes!? Get your shoes on right now!”

“Yes, your socks go on first! Put on your socks!”

“Fine, don’t wear socks. Just put on your shoes.”

“What do you mean you only have one shoe?! Wear two different shoes, I don’t care, JUST GET THEM ON!”

I am constantly struggling with and within myself. Can I do this? What the hell was I thinking? Because quite honestly, it was easier to pay someone else to watch my children.