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Last weekend, Medium called a family meeting. We haven’t had one in months and I had no idea what triggered her to think of it.

She explained her problem and clearly communicated her expectations for our behavior. We raised our eyebrows (I may have smirked a little) and nodded understandingly. Every one of us promised to do better in the future.

We dispersed to our posts in front of various screens and quite frankly, I forgot the whole thing.

That is, until this morning, when I staggered into the bathroom for a shower and found this written reminder of my girl’s instructions:

Protected by Ziploc

She is her mother’s daughter. The “…or else” was implied.


Over the kids’ spring break, we took a day trip to Montreal, Canada. We took in the Biodome, the Insectarium (shudder) and part of the Botanical Gardens. We topped the day with a delicious sit-down dinner at a favorite restaurant – big props to the kids who were willing to expand their (rather narrow) palates, if only for the evening.

But really, I wouldn’t be sharing enough if I didn’t share this little gem. On one of many trips to the bathroom with a child in tow, I noticed something unusual about the standard wall-mounted dispenser in the ladies’ room. Translation unnecessary. I think the U.S. should upgrade our dispensers. Much more fun. Now that’d be a party in your pants.

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