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There are things that I am good at and things that I am not. Practically every day I find more things to add to the latter category.

One of the things I have discovered I am not good at is tweeting on Twitter. My humble apologies to my miniscule, but loyal, Twitterbase. Thanks for sticking with me.

From the beginning, my social media consultant (a.k.a. my husband, Brendan) has rued my sporadic tweets and frequent character overages. “Try harder,” he says.


Which is why I’m so glad to announce a brand-new feature on OINKtales’ homepage! On your left, you will find a new, regularly updated Twitter-feed: OINKdaddy is in da house!

Everyone everywhere knows that men and women view the world through different lenses. OINKdaddy will give you a 140 character glimpse into father-dom and provide his perspective on our crazy-yet lovable-brood.

Do you tweet too? Follow him at


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