Introducing the Daily Rant! This category is a new feature that I plan on updating, while not daily (lest you be confused by the title), at least semi-regularly (since I am irritated by a wide variety of things). The Daily Rant will be less stylized than my normal posts – I’m going to use a stream of consciousness approach. Today’s rant – in fact, this whole category – was inspired by a particularly unhelpful employee of a local college, which will go unnamed since it is my alma mater and I don’t want to give the school any negative publicity.

Minutes ago, I called the college and asked to be transferred to the library’s circulation desk. The next person I spoke with was so spectacularly unhelpful, I wanted to reach through the phone and shake her. Hard. Helpful hint: if you are working the circulation desk in a library, patrons are going to ask you questions about which books are in circulation. They also expect that you will, if not cheerfully, at least diligently, try to find the book that they are seeking. This may require you to look something up. Probably using a computer. Another helpful hint: if you are a library patron and you are notified that the book you meant to read is now overdue and that someone else has asked to borrow the very same copy of the book you are currently using as a coaster on your coffee table, it is proper etiquette for you to return the book to the library without delay.

Phew. I think I’m going to like this new feature. Tell me: what are you ranting about?