“How was your day, Liam?”

“It was good! You know what? Jack* got his cast off.”


“And there was a lot of dead skin where the cast used to be.”

“Yeah, that happens.”

“He brought in a ball of it.”

“Of what?”

“Of IT.”

“Of WHAT?”

“A ball of dead skin. It was, like, this big.”  Horrified, I view Liam making a quarter sized circle with his thumb and forefinger via the rear-view mirror.

“Gross! Does his mother know he did this?”

“Probably not. But our teacher saw it.”

“And what did she have to say about it?”

“She started talking about how skin is the largest organ and how it regenerates…”

I am sick to my stomach and speechless.

“…and the best part was that he gave some of it to some of the kids.”

“What?!? No! That’s so gross! You weren’t one of those kids, were you?”


“As soon as we get home, you have to take it out of your backpack and throw it away! What on earth were you going to do with that?”

“I was going to put it under your pillow.”


“I totally got you, Mom.” His impish grin stretched from ear to ear. “Jack did bring in his x-rays though and we all got to see the broken bone in his hand.”

There is a reason that nine year old girls think nine year old boys are disgusting.

It’s because they are.

The worst part is, now I’m wondering if he was actually telling the truth.

*Not his real name.