1. I’ll do four loads of laundry and fold 13 of Large’s shirts and 8 pairs of his pants. And find only one pair of his underwear. (I fully expect this will change when he reaches his teen years.)
  2. I can’t walk into any of the kids’ rooms without tripping over or stepping on toys and books of all shapes and sizes. But when I tell them to “Go Play” they can’t amuse themselves.
  3. Why any “expert” would emphasize the importance of family meals. Mealtime is the most stressful time of day at our house (it is also the time that I am most likely to disappear).
  4. How it is that when I do the dishes, it automatically means wiping down the countertops and the stove. When He does the dishes though, those other things aren’t included (even if they’ve been specified).
  5. No matter how many times I neatly make their beds (which, to tell the truth, isn’t often), the sheets end up crumpled and unused by their feet. Why bother? At this point, it’s just habit.
  6. Why I keep finding little brown gifts hanging out in the toilet bowls. How many times do I have to tell them: When it’s brown, flush it down!
  7. No matter how much money we think we have saved, we’re wrong. Was it well spent? I’d share, but I don’t remember what we spent it on.