He crept down the stairs carefully. He had been charged with a mission. His small chest expanded with pride even as he considered the difficult nature of his task.

He padded over to the wall separating the living spaces and peered around the edge of the doorframe.

She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Bothered was seated at the kitchen counter, her brow furrowed and her expression inscrutable.

He took a deep breath. It was time. He entered the room with his head held high.

“Mommy?” he queried, his voice shaking only a little. “S’okay to get up now?”

He watched his mother turn away from the seductive glow of the computer screen. He tensed his body—prepared to flee upstairs in an instant should it be required.

She met his eyes and smiled. “Yes,” she said in a convivial tone, “I think you’ve had a long enough nap.”

Success! He immediately ran to inform his Queen. DSCN1059

“Oh, yay! Nowa! Mommy not gwumpy anymore!”

Nora accepted the news calmly from her seat at the top of the stairs. Nodding her approval, she told him, “Good job, Henry.”