We were dropping off Liam and a friend at Day 2 of Drama Camp. In the elevator, Liam began directing Henry.

“Do cute. [Pause] No, like this…Smile more. And move Piggy away from your face. [Pause] That’s better.”

I became suspicious. “What are you doing, Liam?”

“I want Henry to look cute!” Both boys grinned at me.


“So that the Girls will think he looks cute. They’ll come over and say, ‘Ohhh, how cute! Is that your brother?’”

I rolled my eyes. Honestly, where does he learn this stuff? He’s got better moves at age nine than his father had at 25. I scolded him. “And when the Girls come over, YOU get to talk with them. Are you telling me that you’re setting your brother up as bait?”

He shrugged, unapologetic. “Yeah.”

I can’t decide what I think is worse: His instincts or his savvy.