1. Shower less frequently. low-flow-shower-head-TP-th-lg
    I used to shower every day before work because I did not feel that I was fully awake until and unless I sprayed myself with water. Now, if anyone cares that I am bleary eyed and a little stinky, I don’t care.
  2. Handwash the dishes.
    Full disclosure: This was not a conscious decision of mine. Our dishwasher is broken.
  3. Talk to my husband rather than mindlessly watch TV.couple_silhouette_moon_card-p137823405196981572qi0i_400
    I occasionally have energy now to do more than say “Going to bed. Don’t wake me. Goodnight.”
  4. Reduced mileage.
    Although I am still driving the kids hither and yon, I am not driving the daily trek to my office and back. This saves me from driving an estimated total of 15 miles per week. That’s more than half a gallon of gas!
  5. Mow the lawn myself.lawn
    It takes far more energy to nag my husband to do it.