I quit my job.

It’s true.  I walked away from my flexible, pays good money, takes me cool places job that I like very much.  As my mother said once and thought repeatedly:  What makes a person give up her good government job in a failing economy ON PURPOSE?

Clearly the answer is:  I’m crazy.  Totally bonkers.

But even so, I gave my decision a lot of thought (mostly while consuming alcoholic beverages and driving my car–not at the same time, mind you).  I have three kids.  I am overwhelmed with love for them and by the little details of their lives, my husband’s life, our lives together.  My life is so intertwined with theirs that I am less aware of “it” and the details of “me” than I used to be.  And I am a self-centered person.  I was going to say that I am a little self-centered but when one is self-centered, it isn’t a half-way kind of thing.

All parents make choices, big and small, every day.  This blog is about one woman’s choices.  This is my story.